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Complete Uriah Heep Discography

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50 YEARS OF URIAH HEEP 1970 - 2020

This is the complete detailed Uriah Heep discography from the first 50 years from 1970 to 2020 presented as downloadable pdf files. The discography includes all studio & live albums, singles, compilations & videos as well as box sets and other special releases. There are both alphabetical & chronological listings of all Uriah Heep songs recorded and released. Included is also list of all different studio and live versions of the songs. Also all Uriah Heep line-ups are presented with recordings of each line-up. Besides discographies there are also lyrics and cover art downloads.

This is the result of my work that started already back in 1996 - and is still continuing this day. It is meant strictly for everyone's personal enjoyment only. Through the years I have many times seen my work being used without mentioning the source and without my knowledge or approval. I don’t like that. Do not just copy the stuff and put to your own website, Facebook page etc. without asking me first. I hope everyone understands and appreciates this so that I can keep sharing this material for all Uriah Heep fans also in the future.

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