Uriah Heep Studio Albums LIVING THE DREAM
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CD Frontiers FR CD 885
Deluxe Edition CD/DVD: Frontiers FR CDVD 885
Deluxe Collector's Edition Box
CD/DVD/T-Shirt: Frontiers FR BS 885
Japan CD: Marquee Avalon MICP-11423
LP black vinyl Frontiers FRLP 885, crystal vinyl Frontiers 
FRLP 885CR, white vinyl (Pledge Music) Frontiers 
FRLP 885W,blue vinyl (US) Frontiers FRLP 885B, 
marble vinyl (ITA) Frontiers FRLP 885MA
1. GRAZED BY HEAVEN (Rimmer/Soto) 4:32
2. LIVING THE DREAM (Box/Lanzon) 5:34
3. TAKE AWAY MY SOUL (Box/Lanzon) 6:13
4. KNOCKING AT MY DOOR (Box/Lanzon) 4:59
5. ROCKS IN THE ROAD (Box/Lanzon) 8:19
6. WATER'S FLOWIN' (Box/Lanzon) 4:28
7. IT'S ALL BEEN SAID (Box/Lanzon) 6:01
8. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE (Box/Lanzon/Shaw) 3:34
10. DREAMS OF YESTERYEAR (Box/Lanzon) 5:25

Deluxe edition CD/DVD contains bonus track:
TAKE AWAY MY SOUL (Box/Lanzon) [alternate version] 4:36

Japanese CD contains two bonus tracks:
GRAZED BY HEAVEN (Rimmer/Soto) [alternate version] 4:53
TAKE AWAY MY SOUL (Box/Lanzon) [alternate version] 4:36

LP version has different running order:
Side One:
1. GRAZED BY HEAVEN (Rimmer/Soto) 4:32
2. LIVING THE DREAM (Box/Lanzon) 5:34
3. TAKE AWAY MY SOUL (Box/Lanzon) 6:13
4. KNOCKING AT MY DOOR (Box/Lanzon) 4:59
5. WATER'S FLOWIN' (Box/Lanzon) 4:28
Side Two:
1. ROCKS IN THE ROAD (Box/Lanzon) 8:19
2. IT'S ALL BEEN SAID (Box/Lanzon) 6:01
3. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE (Box/Lanzon/Shaw) 3:34
5. DREAMS OF YESTERYEAR (Box/Lanzon) 5:25

MICK BOX - Lead Guitar/Vocals
PHIL LANZON - Keyboards/Vocals
BERNIE SHAW - Lead Vocals
DAVE RIMMER - Bass Guitar/Vocals
RUSSELL GILBROOK - Drums & Percussion

Produced and engineered by Jay Ruston
Assistant Engineers: Sam Harper & Peter Rietkierk
Recorded at Chapel Studios UK
Mixed by Jay Ruston at TRS West.
   Sherman Oaks, California
Mix assisted by John Douglas

Released 14th September 2018

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Take a look inside my sensual parade
Once you're in you'll never go
Scream into submission
No design or masquerade
The best of times you'll ever know

I want more than reality, insanity
Desperation in disguise

Grazed by heaven
Testify your soul and we'll begin
Taste my heaven
Succumb to your desires and your sins

Colorize me with your physical charade
You won't leave this night alone
Feed into my hunger
Realize I'm not afraid
Don't disguise what I bestow

I see you melting gradually, come to me
The best of times is all I know

It don't feel so dirty
It don't feel so complicated
We all got the same goal in mind
Is it taboo maybe
Is it I'm intonicated
But you know we can't keep it
Locked inside


I got the sun and the moon
On the one hand
Rise to the future, it's there to discover

I know I'm living the dream
A place that I've never been
I got both feet on the ground
I see the world turn around

I got the sun and the moon
On the one hand
The sears as they're falling
Down in the other
You can rely on me to show you the way

I got the sun and the moon
On the one hand
Rise to the future, it's there to discover
The worls is waiting
This is what you need

It doesn't matter who you trust
The words are written in the dust

Forget the world I once knew
The dream is pulling me through
You give your all and you win
No second chance to begin


Take away my soul
See the look upon my face
That's forever
Losing all control
Trying not to fall from grace
That's forever

We make the same mistakes
But some they take much longer
You like to show them to the world
It's just a photograph
A shot of space in time
I put my trust in you
But now I can't go on

If you could only know
How this makes me feel
How did we let it get so far
Stealing my soul away
For everyone to see
We can never be the same again
Oh no no

I am not a person willing to buy into this
I'm a free man
I stand by my own decision
I made long ago
I'm a free man
I am stronger and I go my own way


I heard a sound
There was talking outside my door
I get up, turn on the light
There's a shadow across my floor

I go outside, footsteps behind my feet
I turn around, there's no one there
Just the silence of a street

Oh, the fear of darkness was upon me
Too scared to scream, am I going insane

They've been knocking at my door
They keep coming back for more
I don't know them, but still they come

I'm back inside
There's nothing there I recognize
I used to dream but this is real
And it's killing me inside

I hear a voice, the words are
Running around my head
I lie down, turn out the light
Is it something that I said?

They've been knocking at my door
They keep coming back for more
I don't know them, but still they come
No place for hiding, no place to run

Tell me when will this nightmare be over
I begin to fear the sound of my own name


When your world crashes down
Around you
And you have to face
The sticks and stones alone
We need words of comfort to guide us
When we're somewhere
On the road so far from home
And you know darned well
That it's just a little pain
There's nothing to lose
And everything to gain

Rocks in the road
Make us stumble and fall
Lights go down and
We just can't see at all
But we rise back up and we stand up tall
Better than we ever were before

All the ways that you
Conceal your sadness
How it eats you when you
Just can't find the door
And you hide what's there
Behind your eyes
You can lead a heart to love
But you can't make it fall
And you know darned well
It's just a little pain
There's nothing to lose
And everything to gain

When you look for a meaning
And the world that says so much to you
Unspoken feelings they will
Never ever pull you through
When I look to the future
And the way the world will end
We have passion for each other
And we will witness love again


I walked down to the quay at midnight
To watch the waters flowin'
Saw a shadow playin' there
His audience was growin'
He sang to all the young girls there
About a deeper yearning
And all the eyes and all the ears
Could feel his passion burning

And the people would come
From miles around
Just to listen to his sweet sound
It was every time just about midnight
Down by the waters flowin'

Na na na ...
Down by the waters flowin' ...

Then one night as I was walking
I felt a sense of fear
The deep dark water seemed to say
There's nothing for you here
Then I thought that I saw something
That chilled me to the bone
But harbour lights play tricks on eyes
I turned and headed home

No one ever saw the man
Or heard him play again
So sad to hear that he had gone
Then one day upon the sand
They found his old guitar
But would it ever play
That sweet song again


Stop talking, stop speeding
We're believing everything we're reading
Still chasing empty words
Only there to chase the dollar bill
And back to the news

Sunday morning, the papers say
That my luck was gonna
Change for good this time

The rumours run, we guard the Times
Against the Independent Sun
We scream for words, the story's out
And all before your day's begun

Show our darkest hours
There under the spotlight
Who will be the star
Who win the prize fight

Read the headlines every day
Did a killer run amok on Broadway
Stop talking, it's all been said
We've been addicted
And we hunger for the very next line

Monday morning, the paper told me
That the world would maybe end
But that's old news

The city, the pressure
See celebrity and crime together
Stop talking, it's all been said
So many stories and it makes you wonder
They're all the same
But just a different colour
We've been addicted
And we hunger for the very next line


9 o'clock on Monday morning
Always running late
Prior to commitments
She would always miss the gate
Now it was pretty obvious
That she was teacher's pet
But just like any teenage boy
We took what we could get

To say goodbye to innocence
What she's teachin'
You don't learn at school
So say goodbye to innocence
She's breakin' all the rules
And she's nobody's fool

Turning up for classes
She was never there on time
And what she had been up
To was on every schoolboy's mind
But she was no delinquent
She was just a wild child

Every school has got one
But they're sometimes hard to see
Flirtatious confrontations
Always been the death of me
Now you could make her master class
If she gives you the glance
But if you're late, make no mistake
They'll be no second chance


I see it, I feel it, temptation calls
I hear it, she haunts me as darkness falls
She's standing in the hallway and my head begins to spin
With this brand-new fascination
It's a game that I cannot win

Falling under your spell
So let the magic begin
Falling under your spell
Whoa it draws me in
Falling under your spell
I'm beginning to see the light
Falling under your spell
I know, I know

I just can't believe it, she'll have her way
I follow she leads me, I have no say
I see by her expression
As she keeps me hypnotised
I can't cotrol this feeling
It's more than I realised


Let me tell you how it was
So many years ago
When lives were lived
In dreams without a care
Those days will always be mine
There to last a lifetime
And take with me anytime anywhere

Those thoughts were of a different time
They seem like yesterday
But society had written different rules
The world was rearranging
And our whole life was changing
Our ways of thinking
Came from different schools

But all the while our hearts were one
As love brought us together
The pain of youth will drown in ecstasy
The more things tend to change
The more the young will make it better

And so we hold on tightly
To those days that made us smile
Those distant feelings
Help me through the day
And though I should know better
To live the past forever
It stays with us and never goes away

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