9 o'clock on Monday morning
Always running late
Prior to commitments
She would always miss the gate
Now it was pretty obvious
That she was teacher's pet
But just like any teenage boy
We took what we could get

To say goodbye to innocence
What she's teachin'
You don't learn at school
So say goodbye to innocence
She's breakin' all the rules
And she's nobody's fool

Turning up for classes
She was never there on time
And what she had been up
To was on every schoolboy's mind
But she was no delinquent
She was just a wild child

Every school has got one
But they're sometimes hard to see
Flirtatious confrontations
Always been the death of me
Now you could make her master class
If she gives you the glance
But if you're late, make no mistake
They'll be no second chance