Written by: Mick Box & Phil Lanzon
Released on: 'Living The Dream' September 2018

Stop talking, stop speeding
We're believing everything we're reading
Still chasing empty words
Only there to chase the dollar bill
And back to the news

Sunday morning, the papers say
That my luck was gonna
Change for good this time

The rumours run, we guard the Times
Against the Independent Sun
We scream for words, the story's out
And all before your day's begun

Show our darkest hours
There under the spotlight
Who will be the star
Who will win the prize fight

Read the headlines every day
Did a killer run amok on Broadway
Stop talking, it's all been said
We've been addicted and
We hunger for the very next line

Monday morning, the paper told me
That the world would maybe end
But that's old news

The city, the pressure
See celebrity and crime together
Stop talking, it's all been said
So many stories and it makes you wonder
They're all the same
But just a different colour
We've been addicted
And we hunger for the very next line