MAGIC LANTERN (Spice song)

Written by: Mick Box & David Byron
Recorded in July 1969 when the band was still called 'Spice' before Ken Hensley joined. 
This recording was released for the first time on 'The Lansdowne Tapes' compilation in 1993

When you look inside
My magic lantern
All the world is yet unseen
Try to gaze into
The yellow glowing
To get a reflection of me

In a land of make believe and magic
You can be just anything you feel
You think that what you’re in is a dream
But know that the lantern is viewing

View the magic lantern
Take a trip around the world
View the magic lantern
There’s a thousand mysteries unfurled
And I know one of them

I remember your face
Can’t remember the place
Here on our own
Living alone

You can dream that you’re a man of power
Ready to be happy with your gold
Without love your mind is going sour
Money’s no good when you’re old

View the magic lantern
You can have the sky above
Yeah, the magic lantern
You’ll buy everything but love
Everything but love