I left my home on a wing and a prayer
One last shot at the great out there
Gave into chance on a railroad car
To take my dream to a land so far

Miracles happen in a city of fear
I can say goodbye to my innocence here
Think what I like, gotta see it through
One minute you're down 
Then your dream comes true

Standing on a corner
Waiting in the snow
Did I make the right decision
Not sure which way to go

I'm looking for connections
A friendly face to say

You gotta give it one minute
One hour, one more day

All the while I'm learning
Each day a little more
My confidence will help me
Through every open door

I made the right connection
And now I'm here to stay

I gotta hold on to whatever I can
I'm not alone in this foreign land
All people are good, that's what they say
All good things come to those who wait
Good things come to those who wait