I gotta stay in the race
The die has been cast 
That's the way I'm going
I tried to jump from the river
That flows so fast
But it just keeps flowing

It's a hell of a journey
And I just can't wait
There's no way I can hide it
But it's a killer of a storm
And it looks like fate 
I guess I've got to ride it

Sometimes I can't keep
My feet on the ground
I can't let go
My world is spinning
Just like the speed of sound
I can't let go, it's all that I know

Ain't no question if you win or lose
Whether it's cold or rainy
Gotta find my place whatever I choose
Never say if or maybe

And there's so many turns that I can see
In a world that I'm no stranger
I'm in the race and now I can't turn back
Survive in the face of danger