I walked down to the quay at midnight
To watch the waters flowin'
Saw a shadow playin' there
His audience was growin'
He sang to all the young girls there
About a deeper yearning
And all the eyes and all the ears
Could feel his passion burning

And the people would come
From miles around
Just to listen to his sweet sound
It was every time just about midnight
Down by the waters flowin'

Na na na ...
Down by the waters flowin' ...

Then one night as I was walking
I felt a sense of fear
The deep dark water seemed to say
There's nothing for you here
Then I thought that I saw something
That chilled me to the bone
But harbour lights play tricks on eyes
I turned and headed home

No one ever saw the man
Or heard him play again
So sad to hear that he had gone
Then one day upon the sand
They found his old guitar
But would it ever play
That sweet song again